About Us

Pakistan Book of Records is a true platform  where young talent comes up with creative ideas and shows their talent in front of camera to the world. It was established in 2009 in a press conference at Peshawar press club.

The purpose of PBR is to give youth of our country an opportunity to prove themselves the best among all. This idea has been conceptualized from Guinness Book of World Record which is a worldwide organization for setting world records in any field while PBR is a national institute of making creative and amazing records. Same as Guinness world record, PBR also put the name of record holder in the book which is published every year throughout the country and at the same time it issues a certificate to the one who successfully accomplished the record.

There are different ways in making or breaking the PBR record. First is either to invite the adjudicator to the concern event where they will judge your record and approval or rejection of the record will be issued on the spot in front of print and electronic media. Second is to make the video of your record by a good quality camera, upload it on youtube, dailymotion etc and send us the link through our website, our management team will go through the video to check its accuracy and within a week or two the result will be announced. It has encouraged hundred of youngsters to do something which they have never been known to; currently many young talents have recorded their skills and talent with us.

Those who successfully achieved to be the PBR record holder are the only one in whole country having that particular talent and record and are called PBR national record holder.